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The United Way Workplace Campaign

The United Way Workplace Campaign took place recently at BAFS and the event was a success. Continue reading to learn about the purpose of the campaign, an outline of each day, and more!

What is the United Way Workplace Campaign?

The United Way Workplace Campaign unites and inspires our employees, giving them a unique opportunity to donate and volunteer to strengthen our community.

During this campaign, BAFS team members get to participate in fun games and challenges that raise money for those in need.

When did the 2023 campaign take place?

Our 2023 United Way Workplace Campaign was held from October 27th to the 31st.

When did BAFS start participating in the United Way Workplace Campaign?

BAFS started participating in the United Way Workplace Campaign in 2019 with a desire to not only provide a servant heart to our clients, but to show the same servant heart throughout our community, also.   

Day 1: Kickoff Meeting/Sumo Day

For Day 1, we asked BAFS CEO, Ricky Guillot, to nominate two employees to wear a Sumo Wrestling costume. The nominated employee had to pay $5 to get out of it or wear it for 20 minutes. After payment (or fulfilling 20 minutes of entertainment for the office), the employee then nominated another employee to wear for 20 minutes or donate $5. 

Day 1

Day 2: BAFS Office Games/Color Wars

On Day 2, folks were grouped into teams, and they all wore their team’s designated colors. Each team participated in the following tasks/challenges:

  • Obstacle course (large team competition) 
  • Cake walk
  • Balloon pop
  • Virtual trivia competition
Day 2

Day 3: Halloween Costume Party

We wrapped up the campaign with a bang! On Day 3, we had the following activities:

  • Virtual bingo 
  • Costume contests
  • Spooky treat contest 
  • Pumpkin carving/decorating contest  
Day 3


In conclusion, the 2023 United Way Workplace Campaign proved to be a hit! Not only were we able to give back to the community, but we were able to create some great memories.

I always enjoy providing opportunities for our employees to give back to the communities they reside in and to provide insight into local resources that we can all take advantage of. After all, you never know when you may be in a position where you need to seek out these resources yourself.  

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