Client Advocate

Experienced Advocates Dedicated to Your Success

A dedicated advocate in your corner to manage
communication, address issues, and ensure that all
solutions always meet your needs.

What Our Client Advocates
Do for You

BAFS’ Client Advocates are assigned to each client’s account as a way of ensuring complete satisfaction across all services.

Client Advocates manage any and all reactive issues our clients experience, including identification of issues, problem resolution, formulation of action plans, and coordination of ongoing feedback among BAFS teams.

  • Identify and understand emerging issues
  • Provide detailed corrective action for resolution
  • Maintain communication across internal/external clients
  • Capture and record all client interactions
  • Coordinate with BAFS Training and Education Teams
  • Support continual process improvement by communicating client concerns back to BAFS

Our advocates follow through with proposed solutions and follow-up with each client in a timely manner, exceeding industry-accepted service standard levels to ensure positive client experiences in all interactions.

Customer Success Stories

We’re at our best where you need us most. We’ve helped our clients
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