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The First-Ever BAFS Week Event: A Success!

Last month we celebrated the first-ever BAFS Week! The weeklong event took place from September 18th through the 22nd and was a huge success. 

As a larger company, and with some of our folks being remote, it can be challenging to understand what takes place on a daily basis within different departments. We wanted to foster more understanding and knowledge of the different departments within BAFS, so BAFS Week was created! We met virtually each day and highlighted all of our people and what they do on a daily basis to contribute to the success of BAFS. 

Of course, we had to make the week fun with daily challenges, themes, and quizzes! See a summary of the week below.

Day 1:

To kick off BAFS Week, our topic of discussion for the day was highlighting the Sales and Onboarding teams! We were able to gain an insight into Sales strategies and accomplishments and the process by which Onboarding welcomes our clients to BAFS. 

Our theme on Day 1 was Identity Swap Day!

BAFS Week Day 1

Day 2:

On day 2 of BAFS Week, we highlighted the IT team and our proprietary software, BLAST! We delved into the different elements of our IT department, including IT Operations and Security, Data Integrity, Data Analytics, and Engineering, and how these teams contribute to the ongoing success of BLAST. 

Day 2 was Crazy Socks Day!

BAFS Week Day 2

Day 3:

On Day 3 of BAFS Week, we highlighted the Strategy and Marketing Department and how they contribute to our marketing, design, technical writing, and training efforts. We also highlighted the Client Experience Team (CET) and how they successfully support our clients each day through the different sectors of CET (Onboarding, Design, Advocate, and Partner). 

The theme for Day 3 was Twin Day!

BAFS Week Day 3

Day 4:

On Day 4, we highlighted the Lending team (those who provide loan assistance, expertise with conventional and SBA (Small Business Administration) underwriting best practices, and cost-efficient document preparation services for our clients) and the Credit Administration team (those who provide policy and exam assistance and expertise with quality control, collateral management, and loan review best practices for our clients. Problem loan management and portfolio review services are also available for ongoing adherence to regulatory standards).

The theme for Day 4 was Mismatch Day!

BAFS Week Day 4

Day 5:

To wrap up BAFS Week, we highlighted the Risk Management team (those who contribute to Enterprise Risk Management, Vendor Management, Process Management, and more), the Accounting team (those who prepare, analyze, and report on the company’s financial information, and more), the Human Resources team (those who onboard new hires, manage benefits, work with accounting, monitor invoices, run reports, and more), and our Administration team (those who provide administrative support to the CEO and Executive Team members and oversees office operations and day-to-day needs).

The theme for Day 5 was BAFS Spirit Day!

BAFS Week Day 5

On Day 5 of BAFS Week, we hosted a virtual lunch titled ‘Kids in the Kitchen’! During this lunch hour, we shared our favorite memories of our human kids, fur kids, nieces, nephews, etc. in the kitchen. We also shared some nostalgic childhood memories! 

Virtual Lunch

We are so glad that we were able to take this week to highlight each person and department within our company. Each day was a blast (no pun intended) and we look forward to the next BAFS Week event!

What Our Team Had to Say About BAFS Week

“[BAFS Week] was so much fun! I think it helped to form bonds and create new relationships (friendships) in the workplace. Everyone got to know each other better.”

“I loved knowing each of the departments and their roles. I also enjoyed listening to their hobbies.”

“I really liked getting to see what each department did and to hear a little more about each team member as a person – education, experience, likes, etc. I also really enjoyed the virtual lunch with people commenting and participating ‘live’.”

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