Client Onboarding

Successful Onboarding Driven By Experienced Focus

Our Client Onboarding teams manage all aspects of data integration, data integrity, reporting, and execution to enable fast access to the BLAST® platform.

A Seamless Client
Onboarding Process

Immediately following a partnership agreement, new clients are taken under the wing of our dedicated Client Onboarding team. The sole function of this team is to accurately and completely achieve everything necessary to allow a new client to fully take advantage of the BLAST® Commercial Lending and Administration Platform and any services solutions they may require:

  • Immediate coordination of the BAFS Data Integrity Team and the client’s technology team to drive the information exchange necessary to complete all activities
  • Use of structured templates to migrate borrower and guarantor data with minimal disruption to the client’s team
  • Integration of client loan data and the ability to load all collateral into the BLAST® system
  • Experienced integration with the client’s core system
  • BAFS’ Product Design team works with any system users to drive client specific customization requests
  • The BAFS Training & Education team will work with the client’s back office teams to develop any skills and knowledge necessary to fully utilize BAFS’ solutions
  • Loan Accounting Team develops all needed standard and non-standard client required reporting

We aim to create a seamless onboarding experience that enables quick access to our software and services. The sole purpose of a dedicated onboarding team is to enable access quickly and efficiently and provide the best experience possible.

Customer Success

We’re at our best where you need us most. We’ve helped our clients
build their commercial loan portfolios and grow their businesses, resulting in:


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