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People and processes driven by a shared purpose; to provide uncompromising service, one-of-a-kind technical loan management solutions, and deep strategic insight to move your financial institution forward.

BLAST<sup>®</sup> Enabled Service Packages

BLAST® Enabled Service Packages

It’s your business. You choose the level of service and technology needed to achieve your goals. BAFS has you covered.

BLAST<sup>®</sup> Essential

BLAST® Essential

If technology is all you need to complement your knowledgeable and experienced lending team, technology is all you buy. BAFS has what you need.

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BLAST<sup>®</sup> Assurance

BLAST® Assurance

You have back-office staff but not for every function, or perhaps you need overflow help. BAFS has the solution.

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BLAST<sup>®</sup> Alliance

BLAST® Alliance

You want to grow your commercial portfolio without the expense of a back office. BAFS has a plan to fill that need.

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BLAST® Essential

Software to Complement Your Experience

You’ve made a significant investment in your team, and they know their jobs. The BLAST® Essential package is the perfect complement to your team, combining the BLAST® Borrower Portal with the BLAST® Commercial Lending Technology and Administration Platform to guide your team’s workflow from loan application to completion. BLAST® Essential will improve efficiency, complete more loans, and drive profitability.

Choose the BLAST® Lending Suite, BLAST® Credit Admin Suite, or both as part of your loan management solutions. BLAST® Essential keeps you in the driver’s seat and enables your team to do more with what you already have.

BLAST® Assurance

A Blend of Software and Support

Who says you can’t have it all? Our Assurance service tier combines our proprietary BLAST® software with hands-on support tailored to your business needs. We’ll work with you to determine what level of support will best help your in-house teams achieve their goals.

Assurance was built to support financial organizations that have developed processes in some departments but need support in others. This tier allows clients to manage certain lending functions in-house while receiving specialized support for reviews, compliance, regulatory obligations, and more.

BLAST® Alliance

Your Comprehensive Back-Office Solution

For clients who need the best that BAFS can offer, we have our BLAST® Alliance package. This service tier is ideal for companies without back-office functions and those who prefer to take a hands-off approach to our services. All loan management solutions are customized to your business through a white-glove service that allows you to focus on your core business processes.

BLAST® Alliance commercial lending technology creates a fully functional back-office solution for administration across loan assistance, credit administration, document prep, annual reviews, data analytics, and more.

With BAFS’ Loan Management Solutions, You Can Drive or You Can Ride

BAFS provides a unique approach to lending support that keeps you in the driver’s seat. Leverage our platform on your terms or let us take the wheel while you focus on other business goals. Our commercial lending technology is yours to scale.

Personalized Service Available in an Assurance Bundle or As Needed in the Alliance Package

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Get the Same White Glove Service with BAFS’ Stand Alone Products

Stand-Alone Edge Services

If you’re not looking for commercial lending technology right now, or your team is managing your current workflow, you can take advantage of BAFS’ other loan management solutions and services as stand-alone products.

  • Take advantage of our team’s expertise in review and due diligence reporting.
  • Do you need a review of your policy and procedures or simply a design and implementation?
  • Perhaps your credit risk rating system needs to be reviewed and revised.
  • Need guidance on regulatory issues and response? We do this sort of thing every day and can certainly help you.
  • Need assistance with problem loan review and management? We have a team doing nothing but this.

Borrower Portal

White-labeled loan management solutions with your company branding, BAFS’ Borrower Portal allows your customers to input their information and upload their documents directly, saving time and improving efficiency.

  • Plugin data collection tool branded as your own
  • Maintain direct contact with the borrower
  • Authentication & profile management
  • View existing and new ‘in-flight’ loans and applications
  • Seamlessly integrated with BLAST® to upload data
BLAST® Technology Solutions

BLAST®-Enabled Lending

The BLAST® Lending Suite has been purpose-built to begin the commercial loan process and provide a guided workflow to users, reducing errors and improving efficiency. Our lenders use it, and so can yours! Our commercial lending technology helps with:

  • Full LOS Workflow
  • Credit Memo Modeling
  • Entity & Asset Management
  • Document Management
  • Financial Spreads Modeling
  • User Dashboards
  • Portfolio Management
BLAST Dashboard
BLAST® Technology Solutions

BLAST®-Enabled Credit Admin

Developed for the BAFS Credit Admin team, the BLAST® Credit Admin Suite is the commercial lending technology path to ensure portfolio asset quality, acceptable compliance standards, and audit and review functions.

  • Loan Administration System
  • Report Services
  • Tickler & Exception Management
  • Loan File Imaging and Management
  • Risk Rate Management
  • Collateral Management

View BLAST® in Action

Our BLAST®-enabled suite of services offers a comprehensive solution for loan management and credit administration across application, analysis, underwriting, and document preparation. Schedule a demo with our team and see how our coordination of people and platform will grow your business!