Client Partner

Proactive Support to
Move You Forward

Keep all solutions aligned with your organizational goals
through in-depth relationships with our dedicated

What Our Client Partners Do For You

BAFS’ Client Partners take a proactive approach to relationship management, acting as your primary point of contact for all service management requests.

These tasks are generally proactive in nature, designed to build successful relationships with your clients by implementing positive programs, networking, contributing to sales, training support, and more.

  • Establish and maintain client relationships
  • Develop and manage client portfolios
  • Hold product demonstrations for prospective and existing clients
  • Assist with improving onboarding processes
  • Primary connection between clients and BAFS
  • Help establish client service policies and best practices
  • Facilitate technical and product support

Our Partners are credible authorities in commercial loan management, offering ongoing coordination with BAFS’ Training and Education teams to ensure technical and lending success. This commitment to our clients allows us to provide best in class services across all aspects of your service partnership.

Customer Success

We’re at our best where you need us most. We’ve helped our clients
build their commercial loan portfolios and grow their businesses, resulting in:


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Our BLAST®-enabled suite of services offers a comprehensive solution for loan management and credit administration across application, analysis, underwriting, and document preparation. Schedule a demo with our team and see how our coordination of people and platform will grow your business!