How We Do It

The BLAST® Platform

We have spent years developing and honing the
cloud-based, BLAST® Commercial Lending and
Administration Platform with one goal in mind
— to provide you with the tools you need to be
more successful. Whether you need our BLAST®
Lending Suite, Credit Admin Suite, or both, you
will have the tools to do just that!

With BLAST® Lending & Credit
Admin Combined, Your Team
Will Dominate the Market

The BLAST® Lending & Credit Admin Suites have been purpose-built by commercial lenders, for commercial lenders. Not just a BAFS logo printed on some technology we’ve purchased, BLAST® was designed specifically with your teams in mind. Our mission is to empower your teams through improved efficiency, compliance, and customer relationship management to fuel new growth and drive profitability.

We’ve packaged BLAST® to best suit your needs wherever you happen to be in your commercial lending journey. If you have a back office for lending but not credit admin functions, you can use BLAST® for that. If your needs are more on the post-closing side, we’ve got you covered. If your all-star team needs both, we have a path for you.

Our goal is to be where you need us to be!

BLAST® Lending
Paves the Way

Your client needs to fund a new commercial building or vehicle. Perhaps they want to start a whole new business. Once the Borrower Portal has collected all required customer information, BLAST® Lending will guide the loan over the goal line. Your team doesn’t need to think of the next step or wonder where they are in the process. They have everything in one location!

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Financial Spreads Modeling

BLAST® provides institutions with the ability to create customized financial spreading models that provide a template for entering data and can include formulas for calculations. Spreads modeling helps create an efficient and effective financial spreading process.

Features include: Auto-Spreads, custom financial statement models, custom financial analysis templates, and industry-specific modeling


The Auto-Spreads feature converts PDF tax forms into a format that can be applied to the spread model in just a few minutes. Once the data is scanned, it is cross-checked and any out-of-balance errors are highlighted. Once validated, the data is extracted and saved to be used to autofill the spread.

Features include: Optical character recognition (OCR), scanning to highlight errors, data extraction, and spreads autofill

Credit Memo Modeling

A credit memorandum (credit memo) helps tell the story of a borrower, their business, and how the loan will be used. Credit memos are often unique for the type of loan, such as conventional vs SBA. A credit memo created in BLAST is a combination of a credit narrative and financial analyses.

Features include: Custom memo templates, industry-specific templates, and the ability to auto-populate application information

BLAST Dashboard

User Dashboards

This first view in BLAST® presents compelling data stories using visually rich charts and graphs. Many of the charts and graphs have tooltips that appear with data details when hovering over the chart or graph.

Features include: Historical portfolio balance, upcoming loan reviews, loan origination pipeline, loan maturing, and more

Entity Management

Capture and build out all client information up-front for a smoother loan application process. From basic entity information, relationships, and assets to credit documents and credit requests, managing entity information is all done in one place within BLAST®.

Features include: Quick access to new loan applications, quick access to existing relationships, and the ability to manage relationship documentation

Full LOS Workflow

BLAST® provides a full workflow for all aspects of commercial lending, from application, to underwriting, document prep, and closing.

Features include: Full pipeline management, electronic application process via the BLAST® Borrower Portal, application tracking, and an internal messaging feature

BLAST® Credit Admin
Proactive Portfolio Management

You’ve helped your clients achieve their goals and need to ensure that the lending portfolio is working for them and your institution properly. BLAST® Credit Administration Suite will provide your team with peace of mind knowing the portfolio is managed the right way. Regulatory and compliance oversight, loan values, risk ratings, etc. You’re all set… now keep winning!

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Document Administration

Documents are stored and managed digitally making them easy to organize, categorize, search, and retrieve. This reduces cost, risk of human error, physical damage, and retrieval issues.

Features include: Compliance auditing, collateral perfection monitoring, document imaging and storage, and notifications of deficiencies

Tickler & Exception Management

Full Tickler and Exception Management is built into our BLAST® platform. Ticklers and exceptions can be managed at the document type level or at the institution level using the BLAST® Document Management feature. Monthly tickler and exception reports are provided, and the BAFS team can review and approve documents to cure ticklers.

Features include: Collateral tracking and management, the ability to track and clear ticklers and exceptions, upload documents to clear ticklers and exceptions, and set up authorities to approve tickler and exception documents

Collateral & Asset Management

Easily manage the collateral relationships between the loan and the asset using our industry-first connectivity of entity, asset and loan objects.  This allows for easy cross-collateralization, along with asset-specific reporting for uses such as flood certs, paid property taxes, etc.

Features include: Appraisal and evaluation ordering, appraisal acknowledgements, appraisal and evaluation reviews, environmental reviews, and construction management

Reporting & Analytics Output

A variety of reports in multiple formats can be downloaded including Trial Balance, Month-End reporting, and Tickler and Exception reports to name a few. BLAST®-generated reporting saves time and eliminates extra work for your team.

Features include: Loan review due report, loan reviews due in next 90 days report, risk rating migration reports, risk rating modeling and reports, watch and substandard loan annual review report

Loan Review Workflow

BLAST® provides a full workflow for all aspects of annual reviews, from application to annual review pipeline and risk rating.

Features include: Custom templating for loan reviews, and the ability to order annual loan reviews and upload pertinent documents for loan review into the portal

View BLAST® in Action

Our BLAST®-enabled suite of services offers a comprehensive solution for loan management and credit administration across application, analysis, underwriting, and document preparation. Schedule a demo with our team and see how our coordination of people and platform will grow your business!