Service Is Our Purpose,
It's Who We Are

Service to our clients and their communities is at the core of
everything we do. It’s as simple as that.

Every BAFS Team Member Is a Client
Experience Team Member

Having a singular focus on service means that every team member puts
our clients’ needs first. However, we don’t stop there! Whether you’re
working with our proactive Client Partners or our reactive Client Advocates,
BAFS has a dedicated Client Experience Team who always delivers
unmatched service to our client institutions.



Successful onboarding is down to one thing — experienced focus. The dedicated BAFS Onboarding Team focuses its time exclusively on data integration, data integrity, reporting, and execution with your core to smoothly and efficiently incorporate BLAST® into your team’s daily workflow.

BLAST Dashboard


Streamlined data integration allows you to achieve everything that is technically required to begin use of all BAFS systems. Our teams leverage templates to accelerate data transfer, pulling over all borrower and guarantor data into the BLAST® system. From there, our onboarding teams build all relationships, set up standards, and ensure that all information is accurately and reliably transferred.

View BLAST® in Action

Our BLAST®-enabled suite of services offers a comprehensive solution for loan management and credit administration across application, analysis, underwriting, and document preparation. Schedule a demo with our team and see how our coordination of people and platform will grow your business!