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The BAFS Client Experience Team

The BAFS Client Experience Team is dedicated to managing and improving the overall experience of clients and employees. Our primary goal is to ensure that clients have a positive and satisfying interaction with BAFS at every touchpoint, from initial contact to post-purchase support.

The CET Team

Functions of the BAFS Client Experience Team

CLIENT PARTNER: The proactive side of client relations and customer service. Responsible for communicating with clients on a regular basis, scheduling check-in visits and calls, advocating for the client, and communicating their needs to the appropriate parties. May also help the client address other potential services they could utilize from BAFS.

CLIENT ADVOCATE: The reactive side of client relations and customer service. Responsible for communicating with our clients on all customer service-related issues, maintaining our ticketing system, maintaining our phone queue, helping clients with troubleshooting and problem solving, and serving as a liaison between our clients and BAFS employees.

CLIENT ONBOARDING: Responsible for onboarding with clients for all products, prioritizing tasks, coordinating efforts, meeting onboarding deadlines, and maintaining a positive relationship with new clients.

CLIENT DESIGN: Responsible for designing and/or incorporating an institution’s existing documentation into BLAST. Will work with institutions to design financial analysis and narrative template structure specific to each institution.

The CET Team

Client Experience Team Surveys

Client Experience Team surveys are electronic communications sent out monthly from Kenda Hall, Client Partner Manager, that allow BAFS to gauge our real-time client experience.

It is based on 7 questions and allows for additional comments to be made for each question.  Every client providing constructive feedback receives a follow-up within two weeks of completing the survey. Individuals receiving positive comments are sent their feedback for affirmation and confirmation of their dedicated service. 

Client Experience Team Survey Results

We are at a 98.2% Customer Satisfaction score for Q3 of 2023.  Our clients have also told us via the survey that 97.3% would refer us to another financial institution.  The survey is also a primary source of information for internal process improvements and software enhancements.

What Our Clients Have to Say

These are quotes from clients about BAFS and our communication. These come from our survey and the Client Experience Team has a significant part in these experiences. Our clients love that they have a centralized point of contact to open a help desk case or place a call into the Client Experience Team. They are confident that their voice is heard, their concern is taken seriously, and their issue will be resolved by CET in a timely manner because we advocate for our clients. 

“The technology/software, etc. is impressive, but it is your people that set you apart.”

“BAFS has been an incredible partner in helping us deliver value to our membership base. Couldn’t be happier.”

“I always feel like BAFS goes above and beyond to help us when we aren’t sure what to do.”

“Communication is excellent. I was new to this platform and had no one at credit union to train me on it. Everyone at BAFS has been excellent with answering questions from beginning to end of the process”

“I can’t express how great the whole team is at BAFS. People respond to emails in a timely manner. They are always there to help answer questions and give recommendations. I’ve been very pleased with everyone!”

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